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"Kentucky is at a crossroads in post-secondary reform," he said. "Unless more financing is found, the momentum will stall." Votruba said NKU enrollment growth beyond the current 14,000 students will be "constrained if the state can't (financially) support more growth." The NKU president said there will be "winners and losers" in post-secondary education across the nation in the next 15 years "and Kentucky is going to be a winner, but we can't do it with rhetoric."

Votruba also said that as NKU's five-year plan for progress comes to a close, all goals — including the main goal of becoming a "preeminent learning center" in the region — have been met. "Now it's time to set some new goals," he said, noting that several hundred people will be interviewed later this year to help develop a new five-year progress plan. A Cincinnati physician with clinics in three Northern Kentucky cities is in the Grant County Detention Center in Williamstown on $120,000 cash bond after his arrest on 24 counts of prescribing controlled substances contrary to law.

Cold Spring and Falmouth. Police served search warrants at the three clinics Wednesday as well as at Hajhamed's home in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Clifton, said Bellevue police Chief William Cole. Valuation company doing property inspection for property investors and prepare perfect property valuation report. Officers took several boxes of documents out of the Bellevue office.

Pendleton County officials began the investigation of Hajhamed and eventually federal agents police said. Agents said patients "got whatever they needed for a price," said Pendleton County Sheriff Lark O'Hara.

Officials at the Grant County Detention Center, where Hajhamed is being held, said an arraignment date has not been set. He likely will appear for the first time in court Tuesday in Pendleton District Court in Falmouth, the county where the current charges against him originated, jail officials said. It is not known whether he will face federal charges in the case. Some Fort Thomas residents have started a petition drive to allow residents to vote Nov. 5 on a newly approved school tax that district officials say is needed to maintain quality schools.