What are the legal chances for facing the property valuation process in the profitable ways?
The FSA does not lay down requirements for how direct sales forces and tied agents, trained in the sale of the products of one company product will now be able to select the most suitable provider and product from a range of adopted products. The choice of provider is not irrelevant, and a consumer has the right to expect that recommendations will be made following proper analysis of the providers concerned. If the FSA decides to proceed with partial liberalisation, AIFA hopes that behaviour in the market place, by companies and consumers alike, will be monitored so that this can inform the second phase of the review of polarisation.

In spite of concerns expressed by both the industry and those representing the consumer, the FSA seems determined to continue with its plans for this partial liberalisation of polarisation. These are critical areas, especially when one looks to the next phase of the FSA review. Its share of the market is rising - an indication that it gives consumers what they want and IFAs account for a very small number of complaints (only 15% of complaints made to the Financial Ombudsman Service relate to IFAs).

Lord Hunt of Wirral MBE, will step down as Chairman of AIFA at the trade body's AGM in November 2002. Lord Hunt is senior partner at commercial law firm Beachcroft Wansbroughs and is resigning as Chairman of AIFA because of potential conflict. Lord Hunt is the founding Chairman of AIFA and chaired the working party to set it up in 1999. The Council are now seeking a new Chairman and are delighted that Lord Hunt will remain Chairman until this process is completed.

The Association of Independent Financial Advisers is today (4 March) publishing its response to the FSA's discussion paper, 'Examination Review'. We agree that the existing structure of qualifications is complex and contains inconsistencies and we support the FSA's overall proposal to rationalise the system. But we must also build on what has gone before and we must not lose sight of the progress which many IFAs have made towards obtaining qualifications higher than the benchmark currently required by the regulator. Click here to view the source of the post : Valuations SA