A Part Of Valuation Business Across International Boundaries
For decades, there have been many real estate and other property valuation companies that have contributed their bit towards the overall improvement of the economy.

Today we are living in a global environment and therefore it is quite likely that many valuation companies from other countries can set up shop here. While it is mandatory for them to hire a basic minimum number of human resources from our country, they are at liberty to have some functions done in countries where the labor is cheap.

So Property valuation companies belonging to our country should also wake up to this new reality and take steps to prevent such companies running amuck. This might call for outsourcing some basic functions to countries such as India, Philippines, Sri Lanka and so on where the costs are much cheaper. But it should be done after a careful evaluation of the pros and cons and should in no way infringe the local labor laws and also the labor laws in the countries where these jobs are being shifted to. Last but not the least, such outsourcing should make commercial sense and help the local companies to become more competitive as far as pricing of their services are concerned. It should never be at the cost of hampering local job creation failing which such outsourcing has no meaning to say the least.