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Bertelsman also granted Miniard another six months to gather more information to try and prove his case. Miniard complained that the bank has not been as cooperative as it should have been in providing material he requested.

Mer Grayson, who replaced President John Finnan after Finnan was forced to resign in spring 2002, claimed attorney-client privilege repeatedly in a deposition. Others also claimed privilege in not answering questions. Bertelsman criticized the logic behind the privilege argument, saying it sounded inappropriate in many cases.

"The main obstacle (to gathering information) I see is not so much these documents but these folks who are taking the Fifth Amendment," he said. Bertelsman instructed Miniard to work hard to gather information and to have substantial evidence to show within six months. Miniard expressed confidence the information-gathering can move quickly.

"I think the court's ruling will send a message to the public that this case will be decided on its merits after we have had a chance to get the documents and testimony that we wish to pursue," he said. "It surprises me that the individual directors didn't have their own counsel from the beginning of this case since each director would have a different level of knowledge and participation as to the workings of the bank.

Major tenants include Compuware Asia Pacific and AC Nielsen Holdings. The occupancy rate of both buildings is approx 80% with rental guarantees over vacant space. A third building, known as Building C is currently under construction and due for completion in November 2002. The developer, ICA will provide a return of 8.75% on development costs during the construction period, and a full two year rental guarantee from practical completion. property valuation The total NLA of the complex upon completion of Building C will be approx 36,600m.