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But he said he'd like to get a spot on the show so he could get in shape and learn how to dance. The show isn't looking for experienced dancers because the point of the series is to train them, said Aurania Pappas, an assistant casting director for VH1. Good candidates for the series will have rhythm, be easy to teach and have personalities that stand out, she said. By doing this structure you will know your current house cost. how much do property valuers earn with property valuation?

Those who make the cut to the final 15 will be whipped into shape, groomed and polished. They'll even have their backs waxed, if necessary, Pappas said. Ofir said he'd like to have three of the 40 semifinalists be from Cincinnati, with four others from Columbus and Cleveland. The premise of the show is to develop new male entertainment idols in the wake of the drop in popularity of boy bands like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys.

President Bush presented Congress with some complex programs and hard choices during his State of the Union address Tuesday. Chief among them was Social Security reform. Many House members had hoped Bush would submit a complete plan with his name on it that he would then go out and sell to the public. The president can't run again, but they have to in just under two years.

but either amount points to the giant pink elephant in the room -- the federal deficit, pegged to set yet another record this year.